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Latino Alumni Salute Founders of LJP

The Latino Alumni Society has presented UA journalism instructor Katherine Shurlds with the Latino Alumni Society Academic Award for her work in developing and managing the Lemke Journalism Project, which teaches journalistic practices to minority high school students in Northwest Arkansas. Shurlds is being recognized along with Prof. Gerald Jordan and journalism alumnus Jeff Smith. The three were recognized for their “strong presence and support for the latino Community and [&hellip

Yes/No chart for plagiarism
Charting Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a term that should be clear — the work of another either taken as one’s own or not attributed to its creator — but it’s not. Different cultures, different genres, different decades all define different takings as being plagiarism. No facet of ethical journalism has more gray. Plagiarism occurs in all genres of writing, all communication, all art. Cutting-and-pasting from a press release intended for cutting-and-pasting, and with [&hellip

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