Admission to the Journalism Graduate Program

Applications for admission to the Journalism graduate program are considered once they have been approved by the Graduate School and are forwarded to the department. In addition to the materials submitted to the Graduate School, applicants should send directly to the Lemke Department of Journalism:

An official record of GRE scores; a minimum score of 1,000 on the verbal and quantitative sections of the GRE is required (including a minimum score of 500 on the verbal section). A letter stating the prospective student’s interest in the Journalism graduate program and detailing any professional journalism experience. Supplemental information relevant to the application may also be included.

Students who have been admitted to the Graduate School but do not fully meet the requirements for admission to the Journalism program may be considered for provisional or conditional admission subject to certain conditions. In such cases students may be required to complete specified undergraduate Journalism courses and maintain a specified grade average in order to qualify for full admission. Please contact the Journalism graduate coordinator if you have any questions regarding provisional or conditional admission.

Students may also be required to meet certain prerequisites in order to take graduate courses in the second field of study.

A heavy emphasis is placed on writing and students should have strong writing skills.