All journalism students are advised in the Fulbright College Advising Center and should see their academic adviser every semester to be advised on the courses to take every semester before they register. You will see your adviser at least once a semester during preregistration academic advising, which is typically done during the weeks before formal preregistration begins. You will need to make an appointment with your Fulbright College adviser for preregistration academic advising each semester to select the courses you’ll take the following semester. You must register during your registration appointment time every semester or you are unlikely to obtain enrollment in your Journalism classes. Other Journalism classes have an enrollment application process, which your academic adviser can help you complete.


For questions regarding academic advising, contact the Fulbright College Advising Center at 479-575-3307,, or online at


It pays to plan ahead. Some Journalism courses are offered irregularly, some courses are prerequisites for others and must be taken in sequence, and other courses fill up quickly when they are offered. Therefore, in order to avoid any delay in your graduation, you should be thoroughly knowledgeable in the requirements for your degree. Students should consult their advisers on a regular basis, not limited to registration matters but including all areas of their academic careers. You should be proactive and consult with your Fulbright College adviser regularly, especially when you are in doubt.

Journalism majors can also request a faculty mentor to help with career advice. Please call the Journalism office at 479-575-3601 to request a faculty mentor. Students can discuss career advice (not academic advising) with their Journalism faculty mentors. Note that all faculty members have regular office hours during which you drop in, or otherwise make appointments to meet with them for career advice.

The Career Development Center administers and interprets tests that measure individual ability, interest, and achievement, and thus may aid also in counseling students about the field of study in which they are most likely to be effective and successful. Visit for more information, or make an appointment by clicking on the Schedule an Appointment icon, by calling 479-575-2805 or by sending an email to