Honors Program

The Journalism Honors Program gives upper-division undergraduates a chance to pursue journalistic research in the context of other academic disciplines. Honors candidates carry out independent study and research under the guidance of the journalism faculty and participate in honors classes in journalism and at least one other discipline. Outstanding student achievement will be recognized by the award of distinction “Journalism Scholar Cum Laude” at graduation. Higher degree distinctions are recommended only in cases of exceptional achievement and are based on the candidate’s total honors studies program. To be considered for such distinctions, students must earn a cumulative 3.50 grade-point average in journalism.

There are two honors programs within the college: Four-year honors and two-year honors.

Fulbright College Honors Program, or four-year honors

The Fulbright Honors Program administers the Four-Year Honors program. Students enter Four-Year Honors as freshmen and take a specially-determined slate of courses. For more information on Four-Year Honors, contact the Honors Office, 575-2509.


Departmental Honors, or two-year honors

Students may enter Departmental Honors at the beginning of their junior years on invitation from the Fulbright Honors Program. Student must also register for thesis beginning with the first semester of the junior year. The curriculum required of Two-Year Honors students is less strenuous than that set out for Four-Year Honors. To enter Departmental Honors, students must have a 3.5 GPA and have completed at least 28 hours and not more than 85 hours.

Once admitted, Departmental Honors students must do the following:

  • Complete the Honors Journalism Writing Requirement Course (JOUR 498VH)
  • Complete the Journalism core research course (JOUR 5043)
  • Complete at least one Journalism honors colloquium (certain Journalism graduate courses may be substituted)
  • Complete an honors colloquium (approved by the student’s adviser) in a second discipline
  • Complete and orally defend an honors thesis based on the student’s courses of study
  • Maintain a cumulative 3.50 GPA in Journalism courses
  • Successful completion of Departmental Honors is recognized by the award of distinction Journalism Scholar Cum Laude or Scholar Magna Cum Laude at graduation depending on the student’s degree of achievement. The highest level of honors, Scholar Summa Cum Laude is reserved as a potential award for Four-Year honors students.