Broadcast Concentration

Broadcast student on the mic

A blend of a liberal arts degree and hands-on television lab and radio labs through the facilities
of campus TV UATV and campus radio KXUA. Students are prepared to enter the professional
news and production world, training as producers, reporters, videographers, anchors and

Upon graduation, broadcast students are able to walk into any television news production and
perform any task, whether it be running camera, anchoring, reporting or producing. The focus
is on news: on reporting, writing, shooting and editing.

Recent broadcast graduates work at ESPN, CNN, Entertainment Tonight and in major news markets.


Required courses for this concentration:

(21 hours)

Course Number Course Title
JOUR 2032 / 2031L Broadcast News Reporting I with laboratory
JOUR 3072 / 3071L Broadcast News Reporting II with laboratory
JOUR 4863 / 4860L Television Reporting I
JOUR 4873 / 4860L Television Reporting II
JOUR 4893 TV News Producing
6 credit hours of JOUR or ADPR electives It is recommended that students take JOUR 4883 Advanced Film & Video Feature Production.
Students are encouraged to complete an internship, whether it is taken for credit or not.


Journalism Core Courses:

A minimum of 34 semester hours in journalism is required, including the following.

Course Number Course Title
JOUR 1023 Media and Society
JOUR 1033 Media Writing
JOUR 3633 Media Law
JOUR 4333 Ethics in Journalism
JOUR 4981
(See advisor for enrollment)
Journalism Writing Requirement

A minimum grade of C is required in all journalism courses that serve as prerequisites for advanced journalism courses. In certain cases, a minimum grade of B is required. Students must select a sequence when they enter the department.

Cultural Diversity Requirement - All majors are required to complete a 3-credit cultural diversity course. Students should consult their academic advisor for approved courses.

Digital Requirement - Students should consult the University Catalog and their academic advisor for guidance on completing the digital requirement for each JOUR concentration or the ADPR major.

GSP Requirement - Students who major or minor in journalism or advertising/public relations need to fulfill the School of Journalism’s grammar, spelling and punctuation (GSP) requirement